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Pride Icon Pack

Pride Icon Pack Description Whether you just don’t really dig the new Moonshine/Hera icons that Android Lollipop is going to use or you just want something new and unique, you found what you were searching for.Introducing Pride : • Completely handmade: not a single Photoshop action used.

Meteora Icon Pack

Meteora Icon Pack     Description Long shadows have been invading icon packs. They are everywhere you look and some people are ready to get rid of them. Instead of throwing out the overused element, we have decided to do something different with it. Something unique.Introducing Meteora.


GfxBandits Description The Team GFX Bandits, Its The Group of bandits Who Make the Graphics As per the Requirements of the people. Every person is allowed to post their Gfx work.Compact Version of Website: Facebook Page: – Website Feeds. – Instant Updates. – Xda Integration[Third

Flume UI Icon Pack

Flume UI Icon Pack Description Its Colorful, Its Minimal, Its Flat, Its Unique, Its New, Its Flume UI. Experience totally new Flat and Minimal user interface with Flume UI. Each icon is themed from scratch to give you the best look of it and themed in totally

Rovul Icon Pack

Rovul Icon Pack Description Rovul features a unique rectangular shape with curved sides and pinched outside in the middle.We have tried to theme every icon to look perfect with bright colors and unique shape.If you are looking for a unique icon pack and want to try something

C++ For Android

Turbo C++ For Android Hello people I am back with some more new tricks for those people who like it. You people might be thinking it will be Boring to switch on PC/laptop for opening C/C++ Compiler. Now that time is over, now I will help you in

A comprehensive guide about zooper themes.

Zooper Themes and Setup So you’ve heard a lot about zooper themes but don’t know how to really use them ? Well, here’s a comprehensive guide that’ll help you get set with zooper. You can download free version of zooper that has almost all features as the

Spectrum Clock

Spectrum Clock – Zooper Widget   Description **This is not a standalone app** It needs zooper pro app to work with. This is a clock widget for zooper widget and contains 13 customisable clocks .+Instructions :- *Add zooper widget of required size ( Preferably 4*2) Use 4*4

Decompile Android apk to Java source code

  Finally I found a way to easily decompile Android apk to original java source code.Here are the instructions to decompile android apk to java source code. This method is also called as Reverse Engineering. This was because I lost my Source lolzzzz!!!!   let’s Begin.. Requirements:

Remove Password Pattern Pin from Android

Hello People One of my Friend Has Developed Great Tool for our Android Device!!!!   I am sure many of us have many times would definately Would Have forgotten His/Her Password. Download This Package First.  Click the Below Button.   This is the Best working tool